25 BEST Netflix Original Series You Don't Want To Miss

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Looking for something to watch? You HAVE to check out these best Netflix original series you don’t want to miss. From dark and scary shows, to gripping dramas, to raunchy cartoons about teenagers, Netflix is where it is at for amazing entertainment. If you haven’t checked out what’s available or if your watchlist needs a spruce up, then stay tuned for these 25 BEST Netflix Original Series You Don’t Want to Miss!

Everyone knows that Netflix is the new home of entertainment. With their amazing TV shows and original movies, everyone wants to know what qualifies as the absolute best shows on Netflix and we are here to do that for you. There is a swarm of amazing shows currently on Netflix, but you might be missing out on some of the best streaming out there is you haven’t seen this list. Get ready for some mind-twisting, edge of your seat sitting, downright awesome content as we answer the age old question - what are some good shows to watch? After you watch this, make sure to leave us a comment letting us know what Netflix show is your favorite and what video you want to see next!

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While Netflix is the undisputed home of some of the best most compelling original series - like Master of None, House of cards (despite Kevin Spacey), and Nacros, there are some great netflix shows in 2018. From Love, the side splittingly funny tale of star crossed lovers, to the historial wonderland that is The Crown, Netflix has a little something for everyone. For a show that might have missed your watch list, check out GLOW - a strong storyline of a struggling actress trying to make a name for herself by becoming a wrestler in 1980s LA, or Big Mouth, a cartoon about teenagers that is as crude as it is enjoyable. Looking to pick up with a series you might know, try Mystery Science Theater 3000, the long awaited return of the original movie review show from the 190s, or Daredevil, the smarter, better executed TV brother of the Daredevil movie franchise. Want to know what other amazing Netflix shows made our watchlist? Make sure to watch this video all the way to the end to see just what we have in our top 10!

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