8 Wrestlers Who Love The Rock And 7 Who Hate Him

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It is getting harder and harder to argue against the idea that The Rock is the most popular wrestler of all time. While men like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan certainly had a bigger run at the top of the wrestling business, nobody has come remotely close to the movie career Rocky has enjoyed.

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Referred to as franchise Viagra in the past, his very inclusion in a film is enough to bring a lot of people to the theaters and that is due in large part to the lovable persona he has crafted. While there are certainly some wrestlers whose statements make it abundantly clear that they too hold him in high esteem, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend there aren’t dissenting voices. That is what inspired us to create this list detailing some of The Rock’s most outspoken proponents and detractors. In that light, we searched in order to bring you this depository of the people who’ve said the most about The Rock on either end of the spectrum. We’ve also done our very best to decipher when comments seem to be meant to set up a wrestling storyline.

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