Acoustic Bliss 17/11 - The Late Show

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OOPS - a late one this week... but Bliss is as usual set to be full of surprises...rumours of an acoustic bass... and maybe we'll even start on time (ha)

Acoustic Bliss is an open mic which welcomes players of all ages, abilities and genres .It is now in it's 13th year and over 700 different artists have shared their music with local audiences, and now a global one via the internet. Each week an original act is featured as well as a spot for everyone who turns up to play ...there are no plans, rehearsals soundchecks or running order.. in the true spirit of live music, each night is made by those who turn up... a bit of mayhem but a lot of heart and soul, No two nights are ever the same thanks to the fantastic musical community of Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland...and beyond... hosted & broadcast by Carol and Mark of Bailey Guitars, who make beautiful, hand crafted instruments in the rolling hills of South Ayrshire, Scotland ALL with renewable energy... ..their guitars really are Made to be Played

Read our fantastic blog -(BIG thanks Chloe McKee)

Special thanks to amazing couple Red Beard and LJ for taking some awesome photos over the last couple of years,

and now to Lorraine T for her black & white classics (thanks to John Duffy for uploading...x)

AND massive thanks to the inimitable Moyra Turner for creating Bliss social media & the gallery and keeping the messages coming..and also to Ruth Collie for helping our with pretty much everything when she can

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Acoustic Bliss at the Twa Dugs is

Carol & Mark - hosts, sound and cameras

Moyra Turner - live online banter

Chloe McKee Blogger and gin specialist

Lorraine Kennedy - papparazzi

Ruth Collie - invite/SM

RedBeard & LJ putting in guest appearances

Gemma & Caroline behind the bar xxx


Save Bailey compilation album :

Save Bailey compilation album :

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