As Seen On TV Outdoor Products TESTED!

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Are these "As Seen On TV" products worth your money? We TESTED outdoor and gardening products that claim to make your recreation more comfortable and your groundskeeping more efficient.

--More As Seen On TV TESTED--

• Weird Toilet Gadgets:

• Home Gizmos:

• Outdoor and Gardening:

• Cleaning Gadgets:

• Home Organizers:

• Car Devices:

• Pest Control Gadgets:

• Egg Gizmos:

• Bathroom Gadgets:

• Kitchen Tools:

• DIY Versions of TV Products:


• Amazing Pocket Chair:

• Pocket Chair Knock-Off (Same product, Less $$$):

• Garden Genie Gloves:

• Honey Badger Gloves (better quality):


• Pouch Couch:


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