Jake Gyllenhaal, Director Dan Gilroy Explain Why 'Nightcrawler' Doesn't Have Any Sex Scenes

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In Nightcrawler, it's pretty much a given that Jake Gyllenhaal, as freelance journalist Lou Bloom, gets between the sheets with TV station news director, Nina, played by Rene Russo. So why doesn't the R-rated crime drama show the deed being done? It turns out that leaving sex scenes out of the Halloween release — and its indie-film budget — was a conscious decision, said producer and star Gyllenhaal. "To me, the fascinating thing is doing all the work and then the mystery of what that work is, giving pieces and clues and hints and then ultimately leaving it up to the wonderful imagination of the audience," he said during an AOL Build conversation on Monday afternoon in New York City. "Respecting an audience is where both Dan [Gilroy] and I connect, where we try and create question marks and clues that aren't filled in so that someone can participate and enjoy themselves and put their own mind into it. That's where I think that movies and literature can actually come closest, where we use our own imagination."



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